Hand stiched, cut and created by M-Katchi in Los Angles. 
The color and material choice for this pair of salads is very exotic Fall.  The dark chocolate croc pattern juxtaposed with the Brilliant Yellow and Royal Blue creates a somewhat serious, yet playful look. 
I created this by cutting a butterfly wrap pattern that supports the low to mid ankle, yet allows for the feet to move freely without being restricted. 
Trying to recreate the vision I had in  my head by drawing some of the ‘orange peel inspired designs’ ..then using the actual peel of an orange to try and construct a supportive yet unique sandal  - Meline Katchi
Here I am working on creating the shape of the upper for the custom handmade sandal..using the shapes I created in my drawings …

"For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places."
— Seo Min Hyun

Where can I find these sandals?????!!!